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Background Information

� Phase II General Permit information for MS4s is available from the Illinois EPA.

� Watershed Central from the U.S. EPA provides tools, guidance, and datasets to aide in successful watershed management.

� The EPA�s Sanitary Sewer Overflows Toolbox will help municipalities to implement the proposed SSO Rule in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

� Access USGS current water data for Kane County and statewide.

Good Housekeeping Resources

Staff training opportunities for MS4 communities:

� Access NPDES online courses and general water training from the EPA.

� The Center for Watershed Protection�s webcasts offer training opportunities for MS4 staff. Join the email list to receive notice when webcasts are hosted for free by Kane County.

Best Management Practices Information

� Visit EPA�s Green Infrastructure site.

� The Center for Watershed Protection�s online watershed library contains stormwater manuals and other BMP guidance documents.

� View a variety of watershed management projects.

� Use the Native Landscape & Ecological Restoration Guide​ from Chicago Wilderness to assist in selecting contractors and planning projects using native plants.

Kane County Resources

� Read permit information, fees, and the Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance.

� See floodplain maps for the area.