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Current Calendar Events

07/28/2015 Tuesday 4:00 PM
Committee of the Whole
07/29/2015 Wednesday 9:00 AM
Finance and Budget
07/29/2015 Wednesday 1:00 PM
KaneComm Board
07/30/2015 Thursday 10:00 AM
INFORMATIONAL MEETING: Greening Kane County's Fleet
County Board members and staff involved with purchasing vehicles or fuel for their departments are invited to attend a seminar on how to "green" the county fleet.
07/30/2015 Thursday 3:00 PM
WIOA Transition Committee
08/05/2015 Wednesday 8:30 AM
Legal Affairs and Claims Committee
08/05/2015 Wednesday 9:00 AM
08/11/2015 Tuesday 9:45 AM
County Board