Mill Creek Special Service Area

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Kane County requires building permits for many types of construction including additions, finishing spaces in basements and attics, porches, decks, gazebos, pools, residing and reroofing. It is your responsibility to check with Kane County if a permit is required for your project, and if it is, apply for and obtain the required permits before starting your project. As review and approvals may take several weeks, it is recommended that you obtain any required permits before ordering materials or scheduling work. If you have questions, please call 630-232-3485.

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SSA Minutes and Agenda:
Current Minutes and Agenda

SSA 2017 Meeting Schedule:

    • January 17* 
    • February 21*
    • March 20 (Cancelled)
    • April 17
    • May 15
    • July 17
    • September 18
    • November 20

    * Denotes a Tuesday night, all other dates are Monday nights.

    All meetings are held on the third MONDAY at 6:30 p.m. and are located at:
    Mill Creek Village Center 
    Mill Creek SSA Office
    Suite R1
    39W250 Herrington Blvd 
    Geneva, IL

    Contact Information:
    William Earle
    719 Batavia Ave.
    Building A
    Geneva, IL 60134
    Office: 224-828-2081
    Emergency Contact: 
    Cell: 224-828-2081

    • ​Parkway Tree Concerns:
      • ​Dead/Diseased Trees
    • Sidewalk Concerns
      • Public areas within the parkway sections
    • Street & Entrance Lighting:
      • Lights that are not functioning properly.

    All of the above concerns can be reported to the e-mail address or phone number listed in the contact information section (see above).

    Food Scrap Composting:

    For information concerning the new curbside collection program for food scraps which is being introduced for the first time to Mill Creek residents, please click on the following links:
    Press Release​

    Scheduled Tree Maintenance:

    For those residents with newer parkway trees that have been supplied with a watering gator bag: 

    Although the SSA has been providing watering service, we would greatly appreciate assistance from residents with this program. Please help us in monitoring & maintaining adequate water levels in the gator bags, especially during days with excessive heat.

    Maintenance of regular water levels will help to ensure that your newer parkway tree will succeed in thriving and help keep Mill Creek beautiful. Thank you!​

    Help keep Mill Creek beautiful!!

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