Folder: ARPA
8/31/2021 4:36 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Auditor
Auditor3/23/2011 4:05 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Capital Projects
Capital Projects3/23/2011 4:12 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Commissions
Commissions2/14/2012 12:36 PMNeuenkirchen, Davis
Folder: Community Investment
Community Investment3/23/2011 4:16 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Coronavirus Relief Fund
8/20/2020 9:10 AMTedder, Adam
Folder: Coroner
Coroner12/13/2012 1:32 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: County Board
County Board3/24/2011 11:02 AMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Department of Human Resources Management
Department of Human Resources Management6/30/2011 3:04 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Department of Transportation
Department of Transportation7/13/2011 7:43 AMNeuenkirchen, Davis
Folder: Finance Department
Finance Department6/30/2011 3:03 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Focus on the County
Focus on the County7/22/2011 12:12 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: FOIA
FOIA3/23/2011 4:14 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Grants
8/17/2021 3:54 PMTedder, Adam
Folder: Help for Homeowners
Help for Homeowners3/23/2011 4:14 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Information Technologies
Information Technologies10/31/2014 3:19 PMTedder, Adam
Folder: KaneComm
KaneComm3/23/2011 4:16 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Liquor Control Commission
Liquor Control Commission6/30/2011 3:00 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Maps
Maps3/25/2011 11:51 AMChris Ardelean
Folder: Memberships
Memberships5/11/2012 12:32 PMNeuenkirchen, Davis
Folder: Midway Landfill
Midway Landfill12/21/2011 8:26 AMChris Ardelean
Folder: Mill Creek
Mill Creek7/6/2011 2:47 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Multi-Use Facility
4/27/2021 11:50 AMTedder, Adam
Folder: Newsletters
Newsletters4/8/2011 4:22 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Office of Community Reinvestment
Office of Community Reinvestment6/30/2011 3:24 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Office of Emergency Management
Office of Emergency Management7/12/2011 11:43 AMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Permits and Licenses
Permits and Licenses6/30/2011 2:59 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Plans
Plans7/5/2011 9:58 AMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Presentations
3/6/2020 4:00 PMTedder, Adam
Folder: Press Releases
Press Releases4/13/2011 2:38 PMNeuenkirchen, Davis
Folder: Purchasing
Purchasing3/23/2011 4:06 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Quality of Kane
Quality of Kane3/23/2011 11:33 AMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Recycling
Recycling8/17/2011 3:47 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Redistricting-Maps
6/16/2021 10:33 AMTedder, Adam
Folder: Retained Advocates
Retained Advocates4/11/2011 3:39 PMChris Ardelean
Folder: Veterans Assistance
Veterans Assistance6/30/2011 2:57 PMArdelean, Chris
Folder: Water Resources
Water Resources12/8/2011 1:28 PMChris Ardelean
2015 Meeting Dates Approved.pdf
6/16/2015 8:40 AMDall, Chris
Claims Paid June 2014.pdf
June 2014Audit ReportsMonthly Claims Paid Fiscal Year 20147/11/20147/15/2014 1:49 PMHunt, Terry
Contracts4/6/2011 3:35 PMArdelean, Chris
FAQ Page.pdf
1/4/2019 10:19 AMTedder, Adam
FDER6/3/2013 2:55 PMArdelean, Chris
NSP Quarterly Performance Report 01-01-2015 thru 03-31-2015.pdf
NSP Quarterly Performance Report 01-01-2015 thru 03-31-20158/18/2015 3:35 PMDall, Chris