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Friday, July 26, 2013  
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HOMEsHomes for a Changing Region Project Kicks-off
Housing Plan Underway for St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia & North Aurora

A collaborative planning effort began July 24th with a kick-off meeting. The Homes for a Changing Region project team is made up of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC) and the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC). This project is part of CMAP's Local Technical Assistance Program. The Kane County Planning Division is providing assistance to the three above-mentioned agencies and is making this policy plan possible for what has been termed the Central Fox Valley Communities (St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia and North Aurora). This effort is a great example of how the Kane County Planning Cooperative can "fill in the gaps" to help county municipalities achieve their goals.
This planning process will take about a year and will incorporate the public in each of the four communities. The plans may differ slightly from each municipality to the next depending on individual concerns, but recommendations will also be created on a sub-regional level because housing issues aren't constrained by municipal borders. The topics addressed may include: foreclosures, multi-family housing conditions, rental licensing, opportunity development sites, zoning codes & standards and market-based balanced housing issues. The Homes team will work closely with each municipality to draft and revise recommendations which will eventually be incorporated into the plan.

In addition to the Central Fox Valley Homes project, The Homes policy team is currently drafting policy recommendations for the Fox Valley cluster of communities: Carpentersville, East Dundee, West Dundee and Elgin. These municipalities have completed their initial data analysis and public workshops and are moving towards plan completion.

Along with the Homes projects, resources provided by Kane County staff and the existence of the leading-edge Kane County Planning Cooperative have played an important role in having other LTA projects awarded in the county. Additional LTA projects within the county include: the Ferson-Otter Creek Watershed Plan, the Big Rock Comprehensive Plan update, a bicycle and pedestrian plan for South Elgin and a multi-modal transportation infrastructure plan in North Aurora. A look at all of these awarded LTA projects can be found here.

It is significant to note that more LTA projects have been awarded in Kane County because of the Kane County Planning Cooperative and the County's history of fully integrated cooperative planning by the Kane County Health Department, KDOT and the Development & Community Services Department.
Questions or comments? Email Ellen Johnson at johnsonellen@co.kane.il.us or Brett Hanlon at 


Kane County is a Cool County!
County Board Endorses Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
The County Board approved the endorsement of the Sierra Club's Cool Counties Initiative at their July 9th meeting. This adopted resolution demonstrates extraordinary leadership as the County has now demonstrated support for reducing air pollution, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This endorsement is consistent with, and supports, many recently adopted County plans and studies including the 2040 Plan, The 2040 Energy Plan, the Kane County Operational Sustainability Plan and the Randall / Orchard Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study. 

The Cool Counties Initiative outlines greenhouse gas reduction targets of 10% by the year 2020 and 20% by the year 2030. These reduction targets and their equivalencies are put in context hereAlthough the County isn't mandated to hit these reduction targets, continued planning and implementation will ensure continued reductions are made and the best interests of our citizens are protected.
To reduce air pollution, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Kane County can focus on seven key areas: retrofitting and constructing energy efficient buildings, relying less on fossil fuel energy, greening County vehicle fleets, utilizing best management practices for land use, transportation and water conservation and effectively educating the public.
If you have questions or comments, please contact Brett Hanlon at hanlonbrett@co.kane.il.us or Karen Miller at 
TAPTransportation Alternatives Program - Call for Projects
CMAP is Now Accepting Applications for $17.5 Million in Total Funding

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) was created with the 2012 passage of the federal Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century funding and re-authorization bill. The TAP is meant to support non-motorized transportation. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is using a competitive process to select projects to fund under this program. Any local or regional governmental entity with responsibility for transportation or multi-use trails is eligible and is encouraged to submit proposals. Projects for both bicycle and pedestrian facilities will be considered. Projects will be assessed on the regional benefits they provide and their ability to proceed quickly to construction. This program will not fund Phase I Engineering. In order to be considered for funding, sponsors must submit a final Project Development Report (PDR) to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) by October 15, 2013 or have already received Phase I design approval for their projects. Funding for this project will total $17.5 million. There is no upper or lower limit to funding amounts per project. Only a small number of projects will be selected.  Applicants must provide at least 20% of the total project cost using non-federal sources. These matching funds must already be committed when the project proposal is submitted. 

To apply, submit an application to Jesse Elam at jelam@cmap.illinois.gov with the required attachments in PDF form. Applications are only being accepted electronically. Questions - Call 312-386-8688.
View the application booklet here! Considering an application? Contact county staff to see how Kane County can help! 
Kane County Planning Cooperative
Brett Hanlon, Land-Use Planner - (630) 232-3491 - hanlonbrett@co.kane.il.us or kcplancoop@co.kane.il.us