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Wednesday, September 25, 2013  
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The Kane County Green Infrastructure Plan is Ready for Public Comments!
View the Plan and Associated Map Below and Provide Comments

The Kane County 2040 Green Infrastructure Plan provides an analysis of existing natural resources and recommends green infrastructure priorities and approaches. The associated Green Infrastructure Map objectively evaluates resource corridors and linkages and compliments the plan text. Please review this plan and map and provide us with your comments!

With the support of the Kane County Board and the Energy and Environment Committee, the Green Infrastructure Plan was undertaken in early 2012 by the Kane County Planning Division, with the assistance of the Chicago Wilderness Sustainable Watershed Action Team (SWAT) and green infrastructure consultant Dennis Dreher of Geosyntec Consultants, who provided project coordination and technical and policy guidance. 

Based on Kane County's legacy of open space and natural resource protection and guided by the Green Infrastructure Vision developed by Chicago Wilderness, the primary objectives of the Green Infrastructure Plan are to create a detailed inventory of natural resources using the latest technology and information; use that information to create a green infrastructure map; work with the County's natural resource experts to fine-tune opportunities; and finally enlist the Kane County Planning Cooperative to develop goals, objectives and actions. 

The ultimate goal of the Green Infrastructure Plan is to lay the groundwork for green infrastructure planning at the regional, community, neighborhood and site levels. The Plan does this by identifying the existing green infrastructure linkages that should be maintained and expanded and also by outlining best management practices that should be utilized including: bioswales, rain gardens, green roofs, strategic tree plantings, open space preservation and permeable pavement. The Green Infrastructure Plan addresses many of Kane County's concerns regarding storm water management, biodiversity, conservation, water supply, public health, climate change and economic development.
As green infrastructure technologies continue to advance and become more widespread, the monetary benefits are becoming more understood. Case studies demonstrating how green infrastructure can be more cost effective than traditional storm water infrastructure are examined in the plan's appendix. Successfully implementing green infrastructure on multiple levels is vital to enhancing the quality of life for our residents and preserving the natural resources of Kane County. 

Please direct your comments to Karen Miller 
- 630-232-3418).


Interested in Growing for Kane? We'd Like to Hear from You!!
Growing for Kane Program Development is Underway and an Interest Form is Ready

The Kane County Board adopted the Growing for Kane Ordinance in August of this year. The adoption of this ordinance enables the design of new policies that will be part of the Growing for Kane program, which will be developed over the next year. The purpose of the program will be to increase the production, distribution and consumption of locally grown fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy products. The concepts and goals of Growing for Kane are derived from a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that analyzed the widespread impacts producing and consuming more locally grown foods would have on Kane County. The HIA was completed as a joint effort between the Kane County Health and Development Departments. 

The Assessment shows that currently only 0.5% of the County's 192,372 acres of farmland are grown for fruits and vegetables. Approximately 84% of this farmland is corn and soybean production that is mostly distributed out of the county. While Growing for Kane will seek to increase the supply of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, it will also stimulate demand for local foods by facilitating distribution to local schools, institutions, farmers markets, grocery stores and food pantries. This new policy and program will help to address the county's growing obesity issues and low rates of fruit and vegetable consumption that affect health. In addition to improved health, the new program is predicted to add $7 million annually that will be distributed and multiplied through the local economy. The program is projected to add over 100 jobs.

Although no funds are available at this time, Growing for Kane may include the allocation of funding to stimulate the production of local food. The program will be guided by a Growing for Kane Commission made up of county residents.

If you are interested in staying informed or becoming part of the Growing for Kane program, fill out the Interest Form here! 

Questions or comments please contact Ellen Johnson


International Walk to School Day in Kane County - October 9th
Let's Put Kane County's Community Health Planning Into Action!
October 9th will be the fourth annual International Walk to school Day in Kane
County. Schools that participate in walking to school will be eligible to receive $250 through the Making Kane County Fit for Kids Funders' Consortium. Participation in this Kane County program has grown each year. Participation
included 46 schools in 2010, 49 schools in 2011 and 53 schools in 2012. Help Kane County increase our participation this year!! Click here for registration information!

This event ties in with at least four of Kane County's long range plans. It is consistent with the Community Health Improvement Plan strategy of increasing physical activity in the county. It's reflective of the Fit Kids 2020 Plan Strategic Action Principle of supporting a culture of wellness and health promotion in our workplaces, schools and other institutions. It fits in with the 2040 Plan's goal of integrating land use, transportation and other recreational and physical activities which can help prevent childhood obesity as well as many other chronic diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure. The International Walk to School Day in Kane County is also addressed in the 2040 Long Range Transit Plan that includes the goal of reducing automobile dependence and fostering land use patterns that support "active" forms of transportation like walking, biking, and transit, which are now increasingly recognized as key elements of healthy living and sustainability.
Most communities in the United States are faced with the problem of childhood obesity; Kane County is no different. While there are many policies that can be changed, the everyday habits and routines of our children can also be improved. The International Walk to School Day will raise awareness of the importance of physical activity in daily life and will help Kane County take another step towards having the healthiest residents in Illinois!

For questions about this event, please contact Janie Maxwell (maxwelljane@co.kane.il.us).
Preservation Partners Celebrate Kane County's Historic Landmarks
7th Annual Treasures of the Tri-Cities Tours -October 5th and 6th
This year Kane County is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Historic Preservation Ordinance! As part of this celebration, The Preservation Partners of America are hosting the Treasures of the Tri-Cities bus tours October 5th and 6th. The Country Coach Tour will be held Saturday October 5th and the City Showcase - House Tour will be held on Sunday October 6th.

Country Coach Tour
Saturday, October 5th, 1-4:30 PM

The Country Coach Tour will be a guided bus tour of over 30 Kane County Historic Landmarks. Starting at the historic Peck Farm, the tour will showcase an amazing variety of historic structures designated as Kane County Historic Landmarks including a very early doctor's office, a Rustic Road, a brick tavern, and a bucolic horse farm. There will be a refreshment break at the Muirhead Farmhouse which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Seats are limited to 46 people. Ticket information is below. 

City Showcase - House Tour
Sunday, October 6, 1-5 PM 
This event will showcase landmark sites, from a rustic stone cottage to a high style Queen Anne. The tour features six homes that are designated Local Landmarks or named to the National Register of Historic Places due to their architectural or historical significance. Homes include:
  • An 1854 Greek Revival home paired with its next door neighbor, a (c. 1883) town barn repurposed as a stylish residence for the 21st century
  • A charming cottage designed by renowned architect Harold Zook
  • A riverstone cottage built by Henry B. Fargo near his landmark Geneva home
  • A high style Queen Anne with all the trimmings, inside and out, on Batavia Avenue
  • An elegant Italianate residence built by the first doctor at Batavia's Bellevue Place

Coach Tour Tickets -$35 each

City Showcase Tour Tickets - $20 each ; $25 each on tour day

Combo tour package - $52 each


Muirhead Farmhouse


For more information click here. To purchase tickets or for questions please call the Preservation Partners of the Fox Valley at (630) 377-6424. Or contact Julia Thavong (thavongjulia@co.kane.il.us).
CMAP Has Created a Data Snapshot for Your Community!
Data Profiles Available for All of Metropolitan Chicago's 284 Municipalities

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) has released a set of Community Data Snapshots. These snapshots summarize demographics, housing, employment, transportation habits, retail sales, property values and land use in metropolitan Chicago's 284 municipalities. The data for these community profiles comes from multiple sources, which include the US Census Bureau, the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the Illinois Secretary of State, the Illinois Department of Revenue and CMAP. Click on the above link to learn more about your community and see how it compares to the rest of Kane County and the greater Chicago metropolitan area!

CMAP is interested in your feedback. Please contact Liz Panella of CMAP (epannella@cmap.illinois.gov- 312-386-8839). For additional questions or comments contact Brett Hanlon (hanlonbrett@co.kane.il.us).
IDOT Wants Your Input!
Comment on the Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Plan and the New Illinois State Bike Plan!

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is holding public outreach meetings concerning the development of their Fiscal Year 2015-2020 proposed Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Program. The Division of Highways has scheduled these meetings early in the program development phase so that your input can be taken into consideration from the beginning.

IDOT will also be using these meetings to promote the new Illinois State Bike Plan! IDOT is developing the first ever state-wide bike plan and needs your help. This plan will guide future policy decisions and infrastructure improvements to make cycling a safer, more convenient and more accessible option. 
IDOT is specifically seeking comments concerning four areas:

1. overall transportation system performance in your region

2. regional transportation priorities that might affect the development of the next Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Program

3. provide suggestions on how to make bicycling a more effective mode of transportation for Illinois' residents and visitors

4. specific comments concerning projects that should be considered for inclusion in the program. The Department is also seeking comments on how to improve the effectiveness of their public outreach efforts. 

The Kane County public outreach meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn - 4070 E. Main St. (Rt. 64) St. Charles, IL 60174. To view a full list of Public Outreach Meetings click here!

Following the Public Outreach Meetings, IDOT will hold two webinars for those who are unable to attend the meetings. The dates and times of the webinars will be announced soon.

Questions or comments, please contact Mike Sullivan (sullivanmike@co.kane.il.us).
Kane County Planning Cooperative
Brett Hanlon, Land-Use Planner - (630) 232-3491 - hanlonbrett@co.kane.il.us or kcplancoop@co.kane.il.us