​​​Flood Inundation Maps

Click on the desired township on the map on the right to download a PDF map which displays areas of potential flooding in Kane County.

These areas were mapped by analyzing a high resolution digital terrain model of the entire County to identify closed depressions in the landscape as well as show other areas where flooding might occur if the underlying drain tile, storm sewer or culvert intended to drain these areas were not functional, allowing stormwater to collect. This provides the user with a "worst case scenario" illustration of possible flooding in closed depressional areas or locations that are dependent on properly functioning drainage systems to convey floodwaters downstream.

Flood inundation areas shown on this map do NOT indicate locations or depths of flowing water such as overland flood routes, open channels, or riverine floodplains, however FEMA floodplain and floodway boundaries are included on these maps as a reference.

The maps are updated as new information becomes available. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updated maps.

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