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Electric ​Aggre​gation

Electric Aggregation Program for Unincorporated Kane County

What is electric aggregation?
Section 1-92 of the Illinois Power Agency Act​ allows for the aggregation of electric load by municipalities and counties. This means a municipality or county can negotiate for the purchase of the combined electric supply of its residents and eligible small businesses.

Why is Kane County implementing an electric aggregation program?

Communities are choosing to pursue aggregation in order to help their residents and eligible small businesses save money by creating a combined customer group that has more buying power than individual residents and businesses. Over 700 communities in the State of Illinois have implemented electric aggregation programs, for a population approaching 10 million.

In April 2014, a majority of voters in unincorporated Kane County passed a referendum​ allowing the County to arrange for the supply of electricity for residential and small commercial customers through an electric aggregation program.

What are the rates for Kane County's electric aggregation program?


New Contract: Eligo Energy, LLC
Eligo Energy Logo

Kane County has entered into a Green Aggregation Program with Eligo Energy, LLC. for a two  year term. Customers will pay the ComEd rate and receive green energy at  no added cost. This green aggregation program designates Kane County as an EPA Green Power Partner.

ComEd Rate
Aug. 2021 - Aug. 2023
$0.07127 per kWh

For more details on these rates, please visit the Rate Information​ page.

Want to learn more about Kane County's electric aggregation program?


​​If residents and small businesses in unincorporated Kane County have questions about the electric aggregation program, they should contact:

Eligo Energy Customer Care
Phone: 630-912-8170

To speak ​with a Kane County representative, please contact:

Sharon Durling  
EPA Logo
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