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Subdivision Administration

​Subdivision Administration is part of the Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources, ​and is administered by (position vacant), who is responsible for the management and enforcement of the Kane County Subdivision Regulations within unincorporated Kane County. In general, any division or redivision of a parcel of land into 2 or more parts by means of mapping, platting, conveyance, change or rearrangement of boundaries is considered a subdivision.

The subdivision staff process all proposed developments in accordance with the Subdivision Regulations. All concept plans, preliminary plans, improvement plans, and final plats for subdivisions are received and guided through the Subdivision Regulation process. This process includes guidance from the County's adopted Land Resource Management Plan, planning and historic preservation policies, and other agencies input.

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Land-Cash Ordinance for Public Comment.pdfLand-Cash Ordinance for Public CommentLand-Cash Ordinance for Public Comment
SubdivisionRegulations.pdfSubdivisionRegulationsSubdivision Regulations
SubAppendixI.pdfSubAppendixIConcept Plan Application Form
SubAppendixII.pdfSubAppendixIIAdditional Requirements for Subdivisions to be On-Site Waste Disposal Systems
SubAppendixIII.pdfSubAppendixIIIPreliminary Plan Application Form
SubAppendixIV.pdfSubAppendixIVRoadway Cross Section Maps
SubAppendixV.pdfSubAppendixVTopographic and Profile Study Certificate
SubAppendixVI.pdfSubAppendixVIGuidelines for Engineering Submittals for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
SubAppendixVII.pdfSubAppendixVIIImprovement Plans Submittal Form
SubAppendixVIII.pdfSubAppendixVIIIEngineer's Opinion of Probable Cost for Engineering Improvements
SubAppendixIX.pdfSubAppendixIXConstruction Guarantee Forms
SubAppendixX.pdfSubAppendixXLetter of Credit Reduction
SubAppendixXI.pdfSubAppendixXICertificate for Construction Observation
SubAppendixXII.pdfSubAppendixXIIRecord Drawing Procedures & Standards for Civil Engineering Site Work Improvements
SubAppendixXIII.pdfSubAppendixXIIICertificates and Easements
SubAppendixXIV.pdfSubAppendixXIVApplication for Final Plat Approval
SubAppendixXV.pdfSubAppendixXVTree Protection Guidelines
SubAppendixXVI.pdfSubAppendixXVIGuidelines For Engineering Submittals  for Stormwater Runoff and Subsurface Drainage Improvements