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County Auditor                 
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How the Kane County Auditor Works For You

Kane is the fifth largest county in Illinois with a population in excess of 523,000 according to the most recent census. Illinois statutes provide that counties with a population over 75,000 elect a County Auditor for very good reason. As Kane County's only independently elected officer responsible for evaluating and reporting on County operations, the County Auditor examines how and where County money is spent, and how efficiently County departments are operating. The technical duties are defined in the state statutes and the county code, but my most important function is to be your financial advocate. My office will work on your behalf to provide financial OVERSIGHT, INSIGHT, and FORESIGHT to the County Chairman, the Board, other elected County Officers and department heads.

As examples the Kane County Auditor:

Reviews all County Expenditures - The County Auditor examines all bills to be paid by the County to determine that the expenditures are bona fide. The Kane County adopted budget for fiscal year 2015 is over $83,000 for the General Fund, and overall the adopted county budget across all funds is nearly $175,000. Why is that important to you? Every dime of that is taxpayer money.

Reports on Kane County Finances - The County Auditor issues quarterly financial reports to the County Board. He also provides the Board Chairman with detailed monthly reports of all claims paid during the period which identify the creditor, department or official who purchased the product or service, the fund from which the payment was made, the amount and date of the payment.  These reports are also published on this website.

Monitors your Tax Dollars - The County Auditor, County Clerk, and the County IT department have implemented Laserfiche - a state of the art document and records management system.  Laserficeh will allow the County Auditor to maintain a complete and comprehensive record of all County invoices and contracts.  That data will be retained and encoded to facilitat subsequent review and monitoring for compliance.

Improves Operations through Internal Audits - The County Auditor performs independent internal audits of County departments to identify ways of providing Kane taxpayers with better services and improved controls at less cost. Through the use of an annual comprehensive Auditing Plan and Risk Analysis we can identify and prioritize those audits. Put simply, every internal audit is designed to answer questions that you, the taxpayer, would ask: (a) What is the department supposed to accomplish? (b) What is the department actually accomplishing? (c) Do records and procedures exist to properly control the operations? and (d) Can the department's methods of operation be improved?

Enhances Transparency with Innovation - The County Auditor will continue to work collaboratively with the Treasurer, the Finance Director, and the Finance Advisory Group to make our financial information even more readily available and user friendly.  The most recent example of such an innovation is the Kane County OpenGov financial transparency portal. 

Kane County OpenGov smaller.png


Conserves your Tax Money  - The County Auditor will enhance the performance of the office through increased use of risk assessment and ongoing internal audits designed to identify potential internal control weaknesses and make recommendations for corrections.  Our best practice procedures are an integral part of our ongoing commitment to the taxpayers of Kane County.

I am honored to serve as your Kane County Auditor.

Kane County Auditor