​​​Trash, Recycling & Organics Collection

​Curbside Program Contacts:

​Advanced Disposal is your service provider. For questions about your trash, recycling & organics collection service, please contact:

Advanced Disposal ● 630-587-8282 ● BataviaIL@AdvancedDisposal.com​​

The Kane County Division of Environmental & Water Resources negotiates the hauler contract for the curbside trash, recycling, and yard waste collection program in the Mill Creek SSA to secure the lowest prices for residents and ensure quality services. For questions concerning the c​ontract or for general recycling questions, please contact Kane County Recycling Coordinator at: 

Kane County ● 630-208-3841 ● recycle@countyofkane.org​ ​​

FYI - Waste Management/ Advanced Disposal merger: In late 2020, Advanced Disposal was purchased by Waste Management, so you may begin to see trucks with the WM brand servicing your routes in the near future. Additionally, at some point your invoices will be issued by waste Management. Your services will remain unchanged. ​​

For ​details on your collection service and costs, please follow the below links:

Trash, Recycling and Organics Collection Brochure - includes service holidays

Yard Waste (and leaf) Collection​​ (see brush collection links below)​

Service Options and Pricing Grid​

For guidance on what to put in your recycling bin and what not to put in, please review the following:

Recycling Guidelines​

​More on Organics: Yard Waste and Food Scrap collection

Organics collection is seasonal; running April 1 - November 30 each year.

If you live in Mill Creek and already subscribe to the two-cart service (trash and recycling cart), you can upgrade to a flat rate three-cart service (trash, recycling & yard waste cart) for just $2.91 more per month - less than the cost of one sticker ($3.14​)! See pricing grid above. About 60% of Mill Creek homes already have the two-cart service. If you are one of those households, getting a yard waste cart - come spring -​ will save you money and enable you to join in the food scrap composting program! The yard waste carts are 64 gallon carts and hold the equivalent of two Kraft-bags-full of material. That means, if you fill it and place it out weekly, you save as much as $25 per month!

For more information on how to participate in the food scrap collection program, please see below link:

Food Scrap Compost Collection Program Brochure​

Brush Collection (for limbs and branches) is a separate service outside of your curbside trash, recycling and organics collection. Here are the ​brush collection dates and guidelines​

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