Continuum of Care for Kane County

The Continuum of Care Kane County was created in 1999 and includes Kane County’s CDBG Program Area and the Cities of Aurora and Elgin. The Continuum consists of organizations and agencies that assist individuals and families that are at-risk of being homeless or are in various stages of homelessness. These social service agencies provide: (1) Outreach, Assessment and Intake; (2) Emergency Shelter; (3) Permanent Housing; (4) Permanent Supportive Housing; and (5) Supportive Services. The Continuum is responsible for the coordination of all of the social service agencies throughout the County to ensure that all gaps and overlaps in services are addressed.

The Continuum has participated in HUD’s annual SuperNOFA grant process since 1999. On the average the Continuum receives $1.5 million annually. The Continuum’s participation in the annual Continuum of Care grant process has allowed many agencies over the years to fund needed social service programs and increase the availability of affordable housing for families and individuals that are at-risk of being homeless or who are homeless throughout Kane County. 

Continuum of Care membership is open throughout the year, to agencies that serve Kane County's homeless residents and individuals that have an interest in ending homelessness in Kane County.  For more information about the Continuum of Care programs, please contact Nisreen Wakileh, Continuum of Care Coordinator at wakilehnisreen@co.kane.il.us


2022 Continuum of Care Program Competition


2022 Continuum of Care Funding Notice

The CoC Board is pleased to announce it is launching the application and selection process for HUD's 2022 Continuum of Care funding and will be accepting project applications until May 25th, 2022 at 5:00 pm.  Emphasis will be placed on performance and alignment with HUD policy priorities.  Projects will be evaluated according to the posted 2022 Evaluation Sheet.  The CoC will notify all project applicants no later than 15 days before the application deadline whether their project application will be accepted and ranked, rejected or reduced as part of the CoC Consolidated application and of their number ranking.

2022 Notice of Funds Availability & Call for Project Application details here.
Important dates for the 2022 CoC Program Competition:
All Applications Due:
May 25, 2022 at 5:00 pm
CoC Board Review and Ranking
June 22, 2022 (tiering will not be completed until HUD releases the NOFA)

2022 Continuum of Care Program Competition Information

2022 Kane County CoC Local Competition Announcement

The Kane County Continuum Board is announcing the application selection process for HUD's 2022 Continuum of Care funding.  The 2022 Notice of Request for Project Applications  is posted below.  This includes organizations that have not previously received funding. Also posted are the Project Evaluation forms for new and renewal projects. These contain the point values for the objective criteria used to rank and review projects. Emphasis will be placed on system performance and alignment with HUD policy priorities. Projects are required to be submitted in esnaps no later than September  1, 2022. The Kane County CoC will notify all project applicants no later than 15 days before the application deadline of September 30, 2022 whether their project application will be accepted and ranked, rejected or reduced as part of the CoC Consolidated application and of their number ranking.

Applications for new and renewal projects are located at the following links:

2021 Projects Accepted Notification

The Kane County Continuum Board is notifying all project applicants and CoC members of the results of the 2021 HUD CoC project selection and ranking process with the following 3 documents available for public review.  In addition to the ranked projects, the Kane CoC accepted for inclusion in their 2021 application the CoC Planning grant in the amount of $60,791.

2021 CoC Approved Consolidated Application and Project Priority List


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