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Blackberry Township

Kane County is working with Blackberry Township to extend coverage under the terms of the existing waste hauling contract for the Mill Creek Special Service Area to all unincorporated residential addresses within Blackberry Township. This change was facilitated by a ballot measure passed by Township voters in June of 2022. 

We anticipate that LRS, the contracted service provider, will begin providing service to all residential addresses in unincorporated Blackberry Township in early November of 2022. Residents should expect correspondence describing the transition directly from LRS and the Township. Note, there will be no change in service or billing for residents of unincorporated Blackberry Township within the Mill Creek Special Service Area. 

To book service with the new ​​​provider, please call LRS directly at (844) 633-3577 or email Service@LRSrecycles.com ​​. Please also see the LRS website for unincorporated Blackberry Township.

Advantages of Consolidated Waste Hauling: 

  • Fewer trucks on Township roads means:
    • Less noise
    • Less local air pollution
    • Less wear and tear on the roads
  • Many residents will see their waste hauling costs decrease
  • Inclusion in the County household hazardous waste no-cost home pick-up program (coming to all of unincorporated Blackberry in early 2023)
  • Simplified disposal of bulk items & white goods
  • More options to right-size service based on household needs:
    • ​Recycling cart + "pay as you throw" trash + "pay as you throw"​ yard waste & organics or
    • Recycling cart + trash cart + "pay as you throw" yard waste & organics or
    • Recycling cart + trash cart + yard waste​ & organics cart (seasonal)
    • See LRS service website for more information on the options

Disadvantages of Consolidated Waste Hauling? 

The disadvantages are temporary in nature; namely, residents of unincorporated Blackberry Township outside of Mill Creek will have to take the time to cancel service with their current waste provider and to order service through LRS. All residents of unincorporated Blackberry Township with contracts for hauling their household waste must end their individual waste hauling contracts and schedule service with LRS in the coming weeks. ​NOTE: the franchise agreement between the County, Township and LRS ONLY includes residential properties/residential uses of trash services. If you own a farm or other​ business and have a commercial contract with another hauler, that contract can remain in force and you do not need to start a commercial contract with LRS​. 

There will also be a temporary need to adapt to a new garbage pick-up schedule. 

Once the contract service is in full swing, residents are unlikely to miss the old/unconsolidated model.

If you have questions or concerns about the transition process, please feel free to contact the County Recycling Coordinator at: 630-208-3841 or recycle@countyofkane.org​ ​​ ​​​​