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Residential Permit Information Packets, Forms and Certificates

On November 9, 2021, the Kane County Board adopted Ordinance #21-475 - Amending the Kane County Code, Chapter 6, Buildings and Building Regulations.  The amendments adopt the 2021 editions of the ICC Codes and are applicable for all unincorporated areas of Kane County as well as the villages of Big Rock, Kaneville and Virgil.  The new codes are effective January 1, 2022, for all building permit applications received on or after that date.  For questions, comments, or for additional information, please email them direct to: KaneBuildingDeptPermits@KaneCountyIL.gov.

Effective January 1, 2022:

2021 International Residential Code
2021 International Building Code
2021 International Existing Building Code
2021 International Mechanical Code
2020 National Electric Code
Illinois Energy Conservation Code (2018 International Energy Conservation Code currently in effect statewide, soon to be updated to 2021)
Illinois State Plumbing Code (2014 edition currently in effect statewide)
Illinois Accessibility Code (2018 edition currently in effect statewide)

Kane County is continuing to accept and process building and zoning permit applications as well as administering our other programs.  Our team is prepared, equipped and committed to serving residents and businesses as well as the development and construction community through this time.

We request that the public conduct business by phone and email as much as possible.  In-person submittals may be made at our office during regular business hours, by taking the elevator to the fourth floor after receiving a temperature check at the first floor entrance.  Please note the following changes to our policies and procedures for submittals:

  • PDF's of applications, submittals, building plans, plan revisions and other documents typically submitted as a hard copy may now be emailed to: KaneBuildingDeptPermits@KaneCountyIL.gov
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook you can also use this link: KaneBuildingDeptPermits.
  • Original copies may be required to be mailed or delivered in the future.
  • Payments for permit fees may be made online at: ipn2.paymentus.com/rotp/kccs.
  • Once an application has been approved and paid for, the applicant may be required to have the approved PDF printed and available on the project site for the inspector's use.

  • In-person meetings with staff are encouraged to be by appointment.
  • When you arrive for a scheduled meeting, please use the phone to the left of the elevator to call your party.
  • If you are coming to drop off or pick up a permit, please ring the doorbell and wait until you are buzzed in.
  • If there are more than four parties waiting at the counter, we may ask you to wait in the lobby for a short time.

Notice: 2021 Editions of the ICC Codes (as amended by Kane County) are Effective January 1, 2022

2021 Editions of the ICC Codes (as amended by Kane County) .pdf

Revised Information Packets and Forms for the 2021 Codes are available below.

Deck Packet 2021.pdfDeck Packet 2021
Interior Remodel Packet 2021.pdfInterior Remodel Packet 2021
Residential Accessory Building 200SF and Greater Packet 2021.pdfResidential Accessory Building 200SF and Greater Packet 2021
Residential Addition Packet 2021.pdfResidential Addition Packet 2021
Residential Sheds Less than 200SF Packet 2021.pdfResidential Sheds Less than 200SF Packet 2021
Residential Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Packet 2021.pdfResidential Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Packet 2021
Single Family Residence Packet 2021.pdfSingle Family Residence Packet 2021
Water Resources Requirements for Bldg Dept Packets 2020.pdfWater Resources Requirements for Bldg Dept Packets 2020
Accessory Structure Anchorage Guide 2021.pdfAccessory Structure Anchorage Guide 2021
Ag Exempt Structure Information 2021.pdfAg Exempt Structure Information 2021
Approved Building Plan Replacement 2021.pdfApproved Building Plan Replacement 2021
Basement Certification 2021.pdfBasement Certification 2021
Building Permit Extension Request 2021.pdfBuilding Permit Extension Request 2021
Building Plan Replacement Request Form 2012.pdfBuilding Plan Replacement Request Form 2012
COMMERCIAL Establish Use Form 2021.pdfCOMMERCIAL Establish Use Form 2021
Damage Assessment Form 2021.pdfDamage Assessment Form 2021
Deck Elevation - Section Information Sheet 2021.pdfDeck Elevation - Section Information Sheet 2021
Decks and Stoops Policy 2021.pdfDecks and Stoops Policy 2021
Demolition Information 2019.pdfDemolition Information 2019
Fee Scale for Remodels and Repairs 2019.pdfFee Scale for Remodels and Repairs 2019
Fee Summary 2019.pdfFee Summary 2019
Fence Permit Requirements.pdfFence Permit Requirements
Fire Protection Districts 2021.pdfFire Protection Districts 2021
Health Department Information 2012.pdfHealth Department Information 2012
Insulation Information and Compliance Form 2021.pdfInsulation Information and Compliance Form 2021
IRC Paint-On Vapor Barrier Compliance Statement 2012.pdfIRC Paint-On Vapor Barrier Compliance Statement 2012
Letters of Intent for Single Family Homes Policy Statement.pdfLetters of Intent for Single Family Homes Policy Statement
Missed Inspections Form 2021.pdfMissed Inspections Form 2021
Pergolas and Trellises Policy 2021.pdfPergolas and Trellises Policy 2021
Plumbing Certificate 2021.pdfPlumbing Certificate 2021
Repair Permit Requirements.pdfRepair Permit Requirements
Residential Smoke Alarm System Certification 2021.pdfResidential Smoke Alarm System Certification 2021
Sign Permit Information Form 2021.pdfSign Permit Information Form 2021
Site Plan Form 2021.pdfSite Plan Form 2021
Solar Panel Handout 2022.pdfSolar Panel Handout 2022
Stoops Form (side or rear) 2021.pdfStoops Form (side or rear) 2021
Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Affidavit 2021.pdfSwimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Affidavit 2021
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Tower Demo Information Form.pdfTower Demo Information Form
Residential Towers Handout 2021.pdfResidential Towers Handout 2021
Commercial Existing Tower Colo 2021.pdfCommercial Existing Tower Colo 2021
Third Party Inspections-Tower Modifications 2021.pdfThird Party Inspections-Tower Modifications 2021
Tower Array and Equipment Demo Handout 2019.pdfTower Array and Equipment Demo Handout 2019
Tower Array and Equipment Demo Information Form 2019.pdfTower Array and Equipment Demo Information Form 2019
Tower Demo Handout.pdfTower Demo Handout
Third Party Inspections- Commercial 2019.pdfThird Party Inspections- Commercial 2019