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​​News & Announcements, December 2022:​

​Seasonal schedule at Aurora Ace Hardware: ​Our recycling pop-up in Aurora will be having its last mid-month collection on ​Saturday, October 15th ​from 9am - 1pm. Then, starting in November, the pop-up will occur once monthly on the first Saturday of the month. Our next pop-up date is December 3rd from 9am until noon (note earlier end time). Our pop-up accepts all the same items as our Fabyan Parkway Center; that's household electronics, clothing, textiles and shoes, shredded paper, mixed paper, cardboard, scrap metal, metal appliances, aerosol cans and more. Please see the Centers page for more details about item acceptance and fees.​

Blackberry Township Hauling: Following the passage of a ballot measure in June, unincorporated Blackberry Township will be receiving franchised​ residential curbside waste and recycling collection, beginning the week of November 1. For more information, please see our new webpage about the transition.

​Recycling Center Tour: ​Staff and Board Members recently toured a Chicago-area materials recovery facility (MRF), a.k.a. a site where single stream recycling is sorted and sold on for recycling. We wrote about our experience in Kane County Connects​ (along with some tips on how you can help things go smoothly!). We also have some short video clips of the machinery in action up on YouTube.

Additions to our A-Z List: ​There are now drop off locations in Kane County f​or recycling bike tires and inner tubes, sports/performance nutrition product wrappers, and hard hats. There's also an additional location in the north collecting Styrofoam​. Check out these items and many more on our ever-growing A-Z Recycling Guide.

New Aerosols page​: ​We recently got a great question about why we charge a dollar per aerosol can to recycle at the Fabyan Recycling Center and our events when the Recycling Guidelines poster shows that aerosol cans can go in the curbside recycling bin. What gives? The short answer is that there are aerosols that are safe to recycle curbside if they are emptied properly, and there are aerosols that should never be disposed of curbside. Our new page explains! 

Temporary restrictions still ​in place at Naperville HHW facility: ​Due to a fire at a state processing facility, the Naperville HHW drop-off (open to all IL residents) has temporarily restricted its list of accepted items. See our Kane County Connects coverage here. Our webpage about the ​site​ has been updated to reflect these changes, but we encourage you to visit the facility website directly and/or call (630) 420-6095 during normal business hours for the most recent updates.​

Updates to our paint and medication disposal pages: Following many calls and emails​ about paint disposal and recycling, we've made some updates to our paint recycling page, including a new map of local drop-off sites taking various types of paint. Over on the medication page​, we updated our list of public agency medication drop-offs and provided links to maps of drop-offs for different parts of the County.

New Food Waste Prevention webpage: ​Inspired​ by her participation in the Wasted Food Action Alliance​, the Kane County Recycling Coordinator has developed a new page on preventing food waste. It's all about keeping good food out of the landfill and on our plates!

All about Wish-Cycling: ​There are several new resources out about "wish-cycling." Wish-cycling is when people put items that can't be recycled into recycling bins. Kan​e County's new resources include a new flier (2 pages) and a slightly longer guide (6 pages). Also, the IL Task Force for Recycling Contamination Solutions, in which Kane Co. participates, recently put out a two-minute PSA on wish-cycling. Watch it here!​

Battery, bulbs & sharps page updates ​We get a lot of calls about how to recycle batteries and light bulbs and it can be confusing because there are so m​any different types these days and it isn't always easy to tell them apa​rt. Sharps pose another issue for home users who rely on them to deliver medicine. To provide the best info possible we overhauled our battery page, light bulbs page, and sharps disposal page. Check out the handy batteries and bulbs interactive map

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